Thursday, June 03, 2004

Two Wasted Days

Well the last two days have been a total waste when it comes to working on my research. Yesterday, I caught up on email and then got a new bookcase in my office. I then spent the rest of the day and this morning rearranging my books. I set aside 4 shelves for research projects.

1. Exhibit Book
2. Springboard Book
3. Race & Peace Article
4. Rhetoric Article/book reviews/encyclopedia article

I want to clear off shelf 4 and 3 this summer. The other two projects are longer-term studies that I'm gathering evidence for, but have no plans to focus on this summer.

The one thing I did accomplish yesterday was getting a syllabus done for an independent study student. I like the syllabus, but am going to have devote a couple of hours a week to keeping up with the work for that.

My lack of any REAL research progress, however, is worrisome. I can not let it get to the end of summer and have no accomplishments to show for it. Especially when my colleagues are doing so much -- one of my department members just sent off a book she is editing to seven presses for their consideration AND an article she co-wrote with a student was just accepted for publication. I am looking unproductive by comparison.

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