Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Hate Freshmen

I know this is not PC to admit - but I hate freshmen. I suppose that isn't completely true. I usually like freshmen after they have been 'seasoned' a bit. Once they've had their first essay test, gotten back their first paper for Comp., or got their mid-term grades, freshmen usually become likeable people. Up to then, however, they are still acting like high school kids. They try to act cool all the time, they know everything, and they think their college professors are hallroom monitors who they respect about as much as they did their high school teachers.

At some point during that first semester, however, they go through what I like to call 'the change'. They wise up, they become interesting and interested in stuff, they start to figure out that learning is challenging and difficult, but also can be fun. I really like them after 'the change'.

So why am I thinking about this in the middle of the summer? Because I had to meet with a group of incoming freshmen this morning. They actually weren't too bad, but one of them left me feeling like her mother and another like her servant. I have to stay in touch with them for the next six months as they get accustomed to college. I think this is an important part of my job and I realize that making the transition isn't easy for everyone, however, I am really looking forward to 'the change' so I can actually enjoy working with them.

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