Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tired of Being 1 out of 300 Job Applicants?

I remember being on the job market and receiving rejection letters informing me that 300 or more applicants had applied for the same position. I always found it very depressing. 300 applicants was way more competition than I wanted to deal with.

Apparently the key to minimizing the competition on the job market is to study a VERY obscure subject and just wait until some school needs you to teach it. Sure you might have to wait awhile until the perfect job comes along, but today might just be your lucky day. The University of Toronto just posted a job listing for an Assistant Professor in the History of Zoroastrianism. You need to be qualified to teach in all areas of Zoroastrianism, including its relationship to Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc. It would also require you to supervise research on Zoroastrian Diasporas (because of the growing demand for Zoroastrian studies professors around the world - I'm sure).

Unfortunately the area of specialization for the job is open - so all those studying Gender and Zoroastianism or the Economics of Zoroastianism will have to compete against each other for the position. However, I'm guessing you'll still be only 1 out of 3 applicants for the job.

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