Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Timeline Games

I found a site that has a couple of games that allows you place historical events in their correct timeline. One game is about the U.S. Presidents and there is another about Rome.

Even better than just playing the games, however, it lets you add in your own historical timeline game. I added the Cold War game. Sorry about the cruddy colors, don't know what I was thinking!


Anonymous said...

It took me ten minutes to complete the presidents quiz. I'm blaming it on a sticky laptop mousepad rather than my inability to place Taylor :)

Anonymous said...

It took me over 10 minutes, but in part it was figuring out that you didn't have to start with Washington, then Adams, then Jefferson, etc. Searching the list (which isn't alphabetical) was a pain before I realized I could just put them in order as I found them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there was a little learning curve. Now I know what my students feel like when I give them an assignment and fail to give adequate instructions.