Friday, January 05, 2007

AHA - Friday Notes

Some of the most interesting quotes heard at the AHA today.

  1. The last Republican National Convention was more diverse than the history profession.
  2. 75% of all history teachers listed in the AHA directory of history departments are not members of the AHA.
  3. On average each attendee at the AHA goes to one session (so if you go to 2 you are just paving the way for someone else to not go to any).
  4. There are 5 times as many brunettes as blonds in the AHA.

Atlanta irony - the restaurant named 'Max Lagers' doesn't have a liquor license.

Biggest disappointment of the day - one of my undergraduate students went to the Careers in History Workshop and walked out of there thinking she had to go to graduate school to get a job doing history. The session was suppose to be for high school students, undergraduate students, and beginning graduate students to find out what opportunities there were for history majors on the job market. I had hoped that it would demonstrate the wide variety of things history majors can do with just their B.A. I didn't want to send my students to a graduate school recruitment forum.

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