Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wikipedia Book Summaries - Will It Ever End?

So do you think if professors assigned students to read book summaries, rather than entire books, the students would find some why to avoid reading summaries too?

According to the web site: will provide free book summaries that anyone can edit, including information on character profiles, detailed chapter summaries, study questions, important quotes, analysis of metaphor and symbolism, etc.


Jennie W said...

Almost undoubtedly! I think it is a game to some of them...sometimes they go to more work to AVOID the assignment than just doing the assignment would entail!

Tim Lacy said...

The cynic in me believes that every student's goal within the confines of higher education is to minimize work. If they believe they can get away with not reading, then they won't read. If it's not necessary to get an 'A', they won't read. If reading is not necessary for class that day (i.e. lecture or no discussion), then they will put off reading until the last minute. If reading a summary will do, then they won't read the book. - TL

Phidippides said...

Do students take classes to learn or to pass the class? If it is the former, then they should read the book; if it is the latter then it's not surprising that they read whatever it takes to get the idea across.

I've been a student (undergrad and grad) for long enough to realize that studying to learn is a different task than studying to pass an exam.