Wednesday, June 20, 2007

IWW Recruitment Flyer

The rumor was true. The wobblies were trying to organize AP readers in Lexington. However, the only evidence I have of that is flyer that was passed around my table on the last day of grading.

All-in-all, it is a pretty weak effort at organization. I like their demands, but surely you need more than a flyer to get workers united - especially workers from all around the country who have little in common except that they grade AP exams.

Of course this is all just speculation on my part, I've never attempted to unionize anyone. I was a member of the International Brotherhood of Electronics Workers for about 6 months and from that experience (as limited as it was), I think the IWW has a long way to go with organizing AP readers.

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Anonymous said...

If even one PA reader stands up and tells the boss to go to hell, than this "weak" organizing effort will be worth more than the academic junk you're kicking out.

I don't think you have any right to criticize, even if you did work a real job for 6 months once.