Monday, December 14, 2009

Finals Done

Turned my grades in only 2 hours late today! Woot!! Some special angel must have been watching over me because the registrar's office didn't turn off the electronic grade entry portal the way they typically do if you are late. So I didn't even have to make the walk of shame from my office to the administrative building to submit them.

I do, however, already have my first grade email from a student. She was making an A in the class before the final and ended up with an A-. She got A's in all her other courses even her HARDEST course. How in the world did she end up with an A- in mine - she asks. I'm quite certain she'll turn up in January demanding to see her final... I wonder if I should write comments on it now to save myself the trouble next semester?? I probably won't because I don't want to touch anything resembling student papers until mid-January.


Anonymous said...

why would anyone want to take your class, if your going to talk about them? Their papers, you, don't care much about them, ha?

Paul Swendson said...

I'm surprised that she didn't go to the other teachers asking for an "A+". I've noticed over the years that most of the students who want to go over tests or discuss their grade are the ones getting good grades. The ones who really need to go over their papers rarely make the effort. I guess that explains their not-so-good grades.

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