Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Panic Time

I have about a month of research time left this summer and I have accomplished little to nothing of value! I finished one crappy encyclopedia article so far. I am still working on my revise/resubmitted but I've done so much extra research for it that it is not going to look much like the original. I really want to get to my other article also (not to mention the overdue encyclopedia article and book reviews).

Yesterday was mostly a waste because I had to meet with incoming freshmen all morning. I then had fun but long lunch with some colleagues. Then took a break in the afternoon to walk over to a campus reception. And I needed to prepare something for my student worker to do (ended up having her take notes for the Exhibit Book). So I did absolutely nothing on the revise/resubmit.

This morning I've wasted a book 1.5 hours reading email, checking news sites and reading blogs. I really need to devote myself the rest of the day to accomplishing SOMETHING!

Here is an article about over coming procrastination for those working on their disserations, but I think it applies to lots of academic writers.

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