Monday, November 22, 2004

Top 10 Myths About Thanksgiving

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I located this list of common myths Americans hold about Thanksgiving.

I like to refer to it as the top 10 things you should know about Thanksgiving.

1. The Pilgrims did not hold the first Thanksgiving.
2. Thanksgiving was a multicultural community event.
3. Thanksgiving was a secular event.
4. The pilgrims ate deer at their Thanksgiving meal.
5. The Pilgrims landed at Provincetown, not Plymouth Rock.
6. The Pilgrims lived in wood clapboard houses not log cabins.
7. Pilgrims did not dress in black, wear funny buckles, or black steeple hats.
8. Pilgrims and Puritans are not the same thing.
9. Puritans welcomed sex as a God-given responsibility.
10. Puritans welcomed laughter and dressed in bright colors.

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