Saturday, January 01, 2005

Conserative Students, Liberal Profs

This is what I was talking about a few posts ago. While it is totally unacceptable for professors to grade students on their political views or make them feel intimidated from speaking up in class, at the same time I wonder how many of those people who are complaining actually have an argument to back up their views? I know that if I have a student in class who wants to argue that FDR was an awful president... they need to have some information to back it up. If they can point to stuff like court-packing or that the New Deal failed to end the Great Depression great, but they need more than just their opinion... they need the information to back it up and they need answers to their opponents arguments. If they can't support their arguments and they are just mad that their opinions aren't getting them good grades -- too bad. You need evidence, not just opinions.

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