Sunday, December 24, 2006

History Major Makes History

Ohio State history major, Bobby Knight, made history last night when he tied Dean Smith's record of 879 wins as a basketball coach. Knight currently coaches at Texas Tech University, but he also had successful tenures as a coach at Indiana University and the United States Military Academy. I'm not sure how much his study of history helped him succeed on the basketball court, but it is another great example of how history majors can do well at so many different careers.

I remember hearing while I was in graduate school that Knight actually taught a history class while he coached at IU. I haven't located any evidence to support this memory - but if it is true, I would sure love to see his syllabus. Something tells me it would be pretty hard-core political/economic/social history. I also bet he didn't get 10+ emails at the end of the semester from students begging to get their grades raised or have kids walking into class 10 minutes late. Who would dare? He might fling a chair at you.


"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Wow-- I didn't know so many of my former students are now taking your class and continuing the semster-end mendicant tradition! Didn't work on me, either.

Bobby Knight a history major? Now THAT scares me.

Anonymous said...

Yea, when I left for Christmas I had 5 emails from students asking me to raise their grades. I haven't answered them yet. I didn't want to ruin their Christmas with my Scrooge like instance that they actually get the grade they earned.

I think Bobby Knight was actually a double major in history and political science - maybe he got all of his bad habits from the poly-sci crowd.