Saturday, December 30, 2006

Airport History Lesson

So have you ever been minding your own business at the airport, when you over-hear a father trying to explain to his son why Gerald Ford is the only president to never be elected. But instead of feeling good that someone is actually discussing history in a more or less social situation, you are getting pissed off because the father is getting the history part all wrong. And you want to jump in and correct him. You want to make sure the kid understands that the reason Ford is different than the other vice-presidents who took over for a president in the midst of his term and then never got elected on their own (ie Andrew Johnson & Chester Arthur), is because Ford never even got elected VICE-PRESIDENT. He was appointed after Nixon's first Vice-President, Spiro Agnew, had to resign because of corruption charges. However, because it would be completely rude to jump on the historical soap box and point out to the kid that his father doesn't really know his history, you bite your tongue, shake your head and, offer up a little apology to whatever American history teacher eventually gets that kid in class and has to try to dissuade him of 10+ years of historical misunderstanding.

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