Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Grading U.S. History AP Exams - Day 2

So today was a little rough. 8 hours of grading essays on the Second Great Awakening. At first I had a bunch of okay and a little better than okay essays. So I spent way too much time figuring out if the essay was just okay or not. My second big group of essays were much much worse. They fell into two categories, complete crap and mostly crap. I actually started getting mad at the students. I mean what the Fux?! You are in an AP class and this is all you got? Give me a break!

Here are the gems from today:
  • As a result of the Second Great Awakening many state governments passed laws banning the teaching of evolution.
  • A woman working a job during the Second Great Awakening would be considered a flapper.


Tim Lacy said...

They provide a grading "rubric," yes? I hope that actually helps? - TL

Anonymous said...

Yea. We spent the first 1/2 of the first day learning the grading standards for the question. They also do some back-grading or regrading of essays to make sure that everyone is staying consistantly with the standards.