Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where are all the history teachers this week?

If you guessed Lexington, KY you were right.

Why are there 1000+ history teachers in Lexington? We are grading the U.S. History A.P. Exams. It is my first time as a grader, but so far it hasn't been so bad. Apparently almost 200,000 students took the exam and there are close to 1 million essays that need to graded over the next seven days.

It was described by a colleague as a grading gulag, but I haven't felt that pain yet. Of course, being the first day we spent 1/2 the time trying to learn how to grade consistently with everyone else. We'll see how mind-numbing it becomes tomorrow.

I'm grading a question about the Second Great Awakening and it's connection to things like abolition and temperance. Best line from a paper I've seen today: "Drinking makes people feel good, and the Puritans weren't down with that."


Tim Lacy said...


My friends and I have a little inside joke about the week-long AP grading experience: we call it "Money Camp." This is because they cover your travel, room and board, and pay you on top of it all. I heard they also give you beer on some of the nights - true?

- TL

Anonymous said...

Yep. They pay plane fare, hotel room (although you have to have a roommate), 3 meals a day - conference center buffet, 2 snack breaks (soda, popcorn, etc.), and they have a gathering room for the evenings with soda & chips. Supposedly on Saturday there is going to be some get together with an open bar. Whoohoo! And when I get home, apparently a check for about $1450 will arrive a couple of weeks later. Better than teaching a summer class, imo.

Jon said...

We called AP World part summer camp for history geeks and part academic gulag. Five meals a day, single dorm rooms, and Lincoln NE has not one but two happy hours a day. And I think 2 open bars.

Anonymous said...

It hasn't felt like a gulag yet, but I am SO glad that tomorrow is the last grading day. We didn't get the open bar last night, but I'm hoping that maybe tomorrow night they will stop holding out on us.

Another History Blog said...

I did the AP reading, US History, for several years back when it was in San Antonio. Everything you say sounds exactly right (are newbies still "acorns"?), except we had ETS-provided alcohol every evening. To be honest, I wasn;t sure of the wisdom of that, but I never complained.